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WVDPhone - Wireless Intercom. Video Door Phone with Gate station to open gates. Indoor hand held monitor using battery power, recharged via USB. Easy to install and use DIY. Do it yourself.

See who is at the gate or door using this 2.4G Wireless Intercom Systems Video Door Phone and Intercom with Open Gate or door button.

Long range wireless intercom system video door phone. Unique design, approved, certified and guaranteed in South Africa. Audio and Video transmission using 2.4G. Excellent for long range applications up to 100m line of sight in a static environment.

Set includes:

Main Receiver unit with 2.4" Colour display

1 x Power supply for internal rechargeable battery in Main Receiver unit

1 x Outdoor Weather proof camera and Intercom station for gate or door

1 x 240V Power supply for Outdoor Gate or door station.

Wireless Intercom Video Door Phone system and Gate control - LONG RANGE 100m line of sight depending on environment.

Install the weather proof camera transmitter system at the gate or door to be monitored. It has a Intercom Call button for visitors. Also a port to connect the gate motor or door buzzer system.

The hand held LCD display system can be carried around using the internal re-chargeable battery which last around eight hours in stand by mode.

When the door bell or intercom system button is pressed at the gate/door camera, the receiver will display the image on LCD. The gate or door can be opened or talk back can be controlled by the operator.

products introduction

1. 2.4G frequency, the transmit power is not more than 20dbm, non-obstacle wireless control is roughly100m line of sight in a static position;

2. Built-in micro-coding technology; auto-wireless control, fine characteristics and high reliability system;

3. TFT 2.4" digital color display screen;

4. CMOS 300 000 pixel camera for outdoor station;

5. Clear night-viewing, 24 hour monitoring, calling, two-way communication and unlock gate remotely

6. One indoor video phone can control Max.5 pcs outdoor gate controller cameras at most;

7. USB charging for indoor video phone Li-ion rechargeable batteries;

8. Indoor video phone system can take/save/view over 500 photos with internal memory

9. 240V power supply for outdoor camera unit.

10. Outdoor station battery (Optional)

ITEM: Wireless Video Door Phone


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This is a secure online e-commerce shop

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