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Motion detection alarm and GSM  SMS security system. DIY - 96 wireless Zones - 2 wired Zones - NO/NC Relay alarm output ports.

Detect movement in and around your home. Detect gas leakage, break glass and more without wires. Add 2 wired sensors or trigger your existing alarm systems with the relay output ports. Home alarm systems. Warn you immediately of intruders with a SMS with zone description at your home or office.

Wireless motion sensor alarm, wired and relayed, SMS alarm home security systems.

This is a unique new 2017 design with Code Recognition and very stable GSM notification options for home and business.

The 96 wireless and 2 wired zones can each be named to indicate to the operator which zone was triggered at your home or business.

Relay outputs. NO/NC alarm output ports to trigger for example your armed response team.

The built-in Back-up battery allow for 8 hours stand by and will notify the operator of any power failures at home or business..

There can be three(3) Cell Phone numbers to receive the SMS and five(5) to receive a phone call for alarm notification.

The two(2) remote’s both allow for ARM/DISARM/STAY and PANIC functions.

Included is the Indoor PIR to monitor indoor movement using Infra Red at your home or business.

Also included in the set is the Magnetic Door Contact, to protect doors and windows at your home or business.

Home and business security systems for indoor and outdoor protection.



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This is a secure online e-commerce shop

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