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Outdoor MMS Camera with motion detection alarm via SMS and GPRS MMS. DIY - 8 wired Zones

Detect movement, gas leakage, break glass and more without wires. Warn you immediately of intruders with a SMS and/or MMS and E-Mail.

Set includes:

1 x Main GSM RTU unit with wired relay to switch on/off lights or appliances via SMS

1 x Wired Motion detection outdoor camera with IR LED for 10m night vision

1 x Power supply

Our WAC03 MMS and SMS alarm system detect any alert signal from the wired sensors or camera motion detection. SMS Alert, MMS and E-Mail photo's will be send over the cell phone network. Any Smart phone can be used to receive these alerts.

Install the Alarm system with up to 8 wired sensors, to monitor and protect your home or business. The OUTDOOR CCD Day/Night camera allow for approx. 8-10m night vision in very dark areas.

The control unit allow for 1 relay output 240V, 3A, to open/close via SMS command. Switch on/off lights, pumps or other equipment requiring automation.

The eight wired zones can be used to connect water level sensors or other wired sensors to monitor and receive alert.

Equipped with a wired day/night CCD camera to do motion detection and alert with picture images.

The software installed allow to program 3 SMS and Call numbers to receive the alerts.

This system is a highly advanced wireless alarm and camera SMS and MMS Alert system, with built in relays for home automation via SMS. Control water pumps, electrical motors and so on.

ITEM: WAC03 MMS with OUTDOOR camera


This is a secure online e-commerce shop

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