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This is a secure online e-commerce shop

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This is a secure online e-commerce shop

Wireless motion detection alarm WASMS-C

Security alarm and GSM SMS security system. DIY - 99 wireless zones. Wireless home security systems.

Detect movement, gas leakage, glass break and more without wires. Home security systems. Warn you immediately of intruders when you are at home with an external loud siren and/or via SMS and auto call three set numbers when needed.

Standard home security products package includes:

- 1 x WASMS-C GSM SMS 99 zone Alarm unit

- 1 x  PIR

- 1 x Door sensor

- 1 x remote

- 1 x Wired Siren

- 1 x power supply

Motion detection GSM SMS home professional security alarm systems. This main GSM panel include a hands free to use  for normal and emergency cell phone communication. You can make and receive calls using the SIM card.

Send SMS when triggered and/or auto dial - settings can be changed on the systems. Three cell phone numbers can be added to receive SMS notification or a phone call. The phone call will play a pre-recorded message.

99 zone wireless sensor to receive alert notification.

The systems allow for some sensors to work and others not to work when needed. Outdoor sensors can be armed, while the indoor sensors are in-active when at home.

Back-up battery last for 8 hours on stand-by. When the power fail, the alarm system will send SMS alert "Power Failure". The system also notify SMS alert when power on again.

Do it yourself DIY, easy to use and install.

Our dedicated technical staff will pre-program the system with the sensors to be added. All zones added and cell phone numbers will be added prior to delivery.

All you will need to do is install the different sensors where protection is needed and switch the main unit on.

Arm the system and wait for approx one minute before you trigger one sensor.

After the system detected alert, it will send a SMS alert with zone description to your phone.

Cell phone card used: Pre-paid/Contract  Vodacom, MTN or CellC

Home security is important for safety of your family and loved ones. Add outdoor beams to your home for extra protection. Home alarm and image for home security is available. When an intruder enter your home it is normally too late. We need to protect our home and surroundings to prevent intruders from entering your home or business.

Additional to the alarm systems, one can also install IP network surveillance cameras, which will also do motion detection and record images and videos to a PC or SD card slot with up to 32Gig capacity. When the cameras are connected at the premises to a Internet connection, live streaming can be done anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.



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