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Mini pinhole Wi-Fi IP camera with 3.6mm wide angle lens.

Live monitoring, recording to PC hard disk, ftp and motion detection. Detect movement and send E-mail in picture format. Fixed indoor. View up to 9 wireless or RJ45 connected devices on one computer screen, on your LAN network at once. Connect as many IP cameras as needed to your IP security network. Use the Internet for monitoring via a DDNS gateway which has been pre-setup.

The 3.6mm wide angle lens for this Wi-Fi wireless device is HD Megapixel 720P resolution.

Excellent Internet surveillance solution. It has a small compact design which can easily be installed in a small housing, like bird cage, tissue box, ceiling or any place where the device must be hidden. Video streaming can then be done to your smart phone or PC.

Clear image quality with the High Definition Mega Pixel lens can ensure that detailed video footage is available for review. The H.264 compression makes the software on the device ideal for live Internet monitoring anywhere in the world using the Internet connection.


Security Wireless | 3G Solar Power Camera Security System

This is a secure online e-commerce shop

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