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IntercomAPP-01 - Wireless Wi-Fi IP Intercom Video Door Phone  - Doorbell.

Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n Intercom IP Camera on 1 Megapixel resolution. Motion detection at 2 meters. Wi-Fi Doorbell.

Live monitoring, see who is at the gate using your mobile phone Application software for this Wi-Fi doorbell, IP intercom systems. Motion detection. Detect movement and send push alarm to your mobile phone. Fixed Outdoor. View high definition on 1 Megapixel 720P Image resolution on your mobile smart phone device. Use the Internet for monitoring via a DDNS gateway which has been pre-setup.

APP software is needed to be installed on your mobile smart phone.

This wi-fi Intercom system will monitor your entrance or gate via the local network installed at your home or office. You can also monitor the camera remotely with an Internet connection like ADSL or 3G. The camera also allow for motion detection over a 2m range from the camera. Below the camera is a motion sensor, which will do the motion detection work.

Compact and easy installation Wi-Fi Intercom doorbell design, with good night vision capabilities the wifi intercom doorbell system can work well at night time. With the embedded infrared LED lights on 850nM the camera can work in low light conditions.

Install the gate monitoring camera and then download the APP for your mobile smart phone device. The doorbell camera and smart device will then pair to give live image streaming to your phone.

This wi-fi doorbell camera Intercom does not come with a monitor, as the phone now plays that role. When someone press the button on the wifi doorbell at the gate, you will be able to communicate and/or open the entrance gate.

The doorbell camera must be installed where there is power available. The set include the power supply adaptor for 220V Eskom power.

ITEM: IntercomAPP-01

This is a secure online e-commerce shop

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