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G-Auto - Gate and appliance controller with a FREE call "Missed Call" or SMS

Gate opener, switch on/off machines or pumps via simple missed call. Output 12VDC and 240VAC at 3A for 0.5-9.5 seconds. GSM gate control.

Set includes:

- Main GSM Controller unit with power supply.

This GSM Gate opener will allow the master to open/close for example gates. When the master need to open the gate for a visitor, he will only have to make a "Missed Call" to the unit or send a SMS.

This unit can also be used to control water level and send SMS notification when water level low/high. The master can then switch on/off a motor or water pump.


1) Rated voltage 12VDC and 220VAC

2) Working temperature: -10 - +60

3) Humidity 10-90 percent with no condensation

4) Frequency 900/1800Mhz

5) Communication protocol : GSM Phase 2/2 with data service

6) Wired Input Zones x 2

7) Net weight: 0.5g

8) Receive and Send SMS

9) 99 Users

ITEM: G-Auto Gate Open Alarm


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This is a secure online e-commerce shop

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