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WVDPhone - Wireless Video Door Phone with 3.5" color monitor. Talk back and open the gate, with a push of a button. Re-charge battery in hand held indoor station.

See who is at the gate using this 2.4G Video Door Phone with Open Gate button.

Long range wireless intercom system video door phone. Unique design, approved, certified and guaranteed in South Africa. Audio and Video transmission using 2.4G frequency. Excellent for long range applications up to 100m line of sight in a static environment.

Set includes:

Main Receiver unit with 3.5" Colour display including battery.

1 x Power supply for internal rechargeable battery in Main Receiver unit

1 x 240V Power supply for Outdoor Gate station

1 x Outdoor Weather proof camera and talk back station (back-up battery not included)

Gate Video Door Phone and Gate control - LONG RANGE 100m line of sight depending on environment. When installing the wireless video intercom systems camera, the obstructions will be walls, trees and buildings in the way. Best transmission distance is without obstacles. As soon as obstacles get in the way of the signal, the distances of receiver reception will come down depending on the type of obstacles. Metal is an absorbent material of 2.4G frequencies. This means that installing the system  in a building made from metals, will require additional antennae to be installed.

Install the wireless system with camera transmitter at the gate or door to be monitored. It has a Call button for visitors. One gate controller relay is included in the system to open gates/doors remotely if needed. The relay is installed close to the camera and power connected to the existing gate motor or electronic door lock. The relay included in the system work wireless and must be installed 3-5m from the gate station.

The hand held LCD display monitor, can be moved around on the property using the internal re-chargeable battery, which last around eight hours in stand by mode. Clear image quality, colour and sound allow communication between the gate station and monitor system.

When the door bell or gate button is pressed at the gate/door camera, the receiver will display the image on LCD. The gate can be opened or talk back can be controlled by the operator using the buttons on the colour monitor. Remote communication system.

Night vision LED lights will light up an area of around 3-5m from the camera to be able to monitor and recognise the visitor at night. These Infrared LED light has a slight reddish shine only for the cameras to see clearly at night.

Various options of different set designs are available as shown below. The sets do have different electronics to be able to work together. Set 1V1M is a fixed set and extra monitors or cameras cannot be added at a later stage, as the PC board designs are different.

Product Availability in different sets:

1V1M - Set include 1 Video Camera and 1 Indoor 3.5" Monitor.

1V2M - Set include 1 Video Camera and 2 Indoor 3.5" Monitors.

2V1M - Set include 2 Video Camera and 1 Indoor 3.5" Monitor.

1V3M - Set include 1 Video Camera and 3 Indoor 3.5" Monitors.

All these sets include the various power supplies and batteries needed to work with the gate station and hand held monitors. The gate station cameras do not come with additional batteries, but there is an option to add extra batteries for the gate station if needed. The gate station will be connected to a standard 220V power supply. Batteries for the gate station is only needed where power failures are common.



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This is a secure online e-commerce shop

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